castlestout - Castle Milk Stout

Castle Milk Stout

By Castle Milk Stout Brewmaster, Danie Odendaal

Castle Chocolate Infused Milk Stout Beer uses a dark roasted malt to extract a full-flavoured brew. With strong hints of toffee, butterscotch and coffee, its natural bitterness is balanced by a rich taste. The key to its taste is the carefully controlled combination of fine ingredients.

Barley malt is the basis, with roasted malt adding the darker taste notes. Maize extract, lactose, caramel and hops round off the perfect formula for a smooth, flavourful stout.

Castle Milk Stout Chocolate Infused is brewed with speciality malts and made with real cocoa to create a malty chocolate character. This full-bodied richness is complemented by the creamy, smooth taste of Castle Milk Stout. The flavour is reminiscent of coffee laced with chocolate liqueur.

The slight bitterness of the stout blends beautifully with the underlying sweetish chocolate notes, to create an easy drinking experience that anyone can enjoy, any time.


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